Val Verde Winery


I have been to just about every city in Texas but I had never been to Del Rio. I have a handful of friends that are from the small city and I have heard some great things. When I was told about Val Verde Winery I knew it was going to be the next trip. The winery is the oldest in Texas, established in 1883, which has been handed down through four generations. In fact, I met the current owner who shared a couple stories about the winery’s history with the Air Force.


There were two very friendly and knowledgeable women running the tours and tastings. I sampled all ten of the wines they produce while I learned the process it takes to create them. They even provided a sample of a pina colata made with the Sierra Madre wine and oregano pesto on sourdough. I ended the tour with a glass of the Sierra Madre, which is a dry white wine.


Before I left, the women were kind enough to suggest I go to the White Head Museum where some of the winery’s old items were. They even suggested I try Memo’s Mexican restaurant.


Overall, everyone I came in contact with in Del Rio was very friendly. If I had stayed longer I would have visited Lake Amistad. I encourage everyone to take a trip.