New Mexico


As a Mom, I feel one of most important things I can do for my children is travel with them. I hope by doing so that they absorb their experiences in a way that molds them in to better human beings. I pray that they learn not to take the simple things (like Big Red. Ha ha!) for granted. I also pray that when they observe the surrounding culture they respect and embrace it.

I have taken the girls on multiple beach destinations so this time I was  looking for something different, way different. What’s opposite of sunny weather? Snow of course! In fact, living in Central Texas, snow is a rare commodity. The girls have never seen real snow so I was on a search for the perfect destination. I quickly came across Ruidoso, New Mexico. It is an approximate ten hour drive from San Antonio, which makes it the closest place of its kind.

We traveled with another family to Ruidoso shortly after the season began in mid-December. We originally planned to stay at the Inn of The Mountain Gods but found a cheaper alternative lodging opinion in sharing a cabin. My favorite thing about the cabin was that it sat up on a hill and overlooked the small town. At night the town was filled with Christmas lights and carriage rides.


Our plans for the first day were to visit the Ski Apache Resort. Unfortunately, they closed due to high winds and the cleanup of fallen trees. Instead we ventured out to Cloudcroft, New Mexico. The drive was about an hour long but the view of the snow falling was unforgettable. We found a small park in town where we were able to throw snow balls and play with a sled. Across the street is a barbeque restaurant.  The food there was great and very reasonably priced.

On the second day we traveled up the mountain to Ski Apache, which opened up late. There are a variety of slopes for every skill level. It is recommended that beginners take lessons. It is necessary to know how to get up if you fall as well as how to get on and off the gondolas. Lessons take up a good portion of the day. I would personally recommend that if you need to take lessons, do it early in the morning or on the first day of your trip. This way you will still enjoy the actual skiing. We eventually travelled back down the mountain to Ski Apache’s Winter Park. This is where we all had the most fun. The Winter Park is great for kids. There are a few activities but it is mostly slopes for tubing. Definitely a must!

The weekend was all we really needed to have a great time. On our way home we stopped in Roswell to visit the International UFO Museum. It’s a quirky little spot with some interesting information. The conspiracy theories are what got me.

This trip is one we won’t forget and look forward to future ski trips. Have a suggestion for our next trip? Message me :)