Our Experience In Las Vegas

This August we took our third trip to Las Vegas Nevada. Each of the three trips has been a unique experience.


I am a firm believer of making the most out of your trip and not wasting anytime. So, I am going to share our trips with you and then give tips to plan your own spectacular Vegas vacation.


Our first trip was actually the first time Andrew ever got on a plane. We really wanted to stay on the strip. We decided that the Luxor had the best room/rate at that time. We spent most of our time walking the strip and checking out each hotel. Our highlights were our first helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon, O by Cirque, and Peep Show.


Our second trip was with friends. In some ways it was cheaper this time since we stayed at the Golden Nuggets’ Rush Tower on Fremont Street but overall, we spent the same as before. When you are with friends you do what they do, eat what they eat and buy each other drinks. When the cost of food, alcohol and taxis were tabulated we could have easily watched another show and taken another helicopter ride. The highlights of this trip were being on stage at the Gallagher show and dinner at The Top Of Binions.


Our third trip was again with friends at the Golden Nugget, which I love staying because the area is more affordable and everything is in walking distance. For this trip we made a conscious effort to not spend so much money. The highlights were the Jabbawolkee and The Mob Museum.


Now that you have seen our experiences in Las Vegas, stay tuned for the second part where I give you the best tips and our favorites here.