Get The Most Bang For Your Buck In Vegas


What I’ve learned about travel in general is that going cheap won’t get you the best experience BUT there are corners you can cut to spend your money wiser. Here are my best tips when traveling to Las Vegas.


Have A Plan

Because being spontaneous in this situation is just a waste of time. Not saying you need a detailed itinerary at all. Pick the bigger things you want to do ahead of time – shows and activities. Then plan where you want to eat before or after. Everything else can stay open as long as you have an idea of what you really want to do and about what time or day you have to do it.


Rent A Car

Every time you get into a cab you’re likely to spend over twenty dollars. You can spend over one hundred dollars a day easy just trying to get around. You could get a twenty-four hour bus pass for just six dollars but it can take an hour to go a couple miles up the strip. Most hotels have free self-parking. Over all, renting a car is the most timely and cost effective way to get around.


Stop At A Liquor Store

Drinks are expensive. They can cost as mush as twenty to even forty dollars for a single drink. Because glass isn’t allowed on Fremont Street the Golden Nugget has plastic cups at the entrance for guests. You can use these (or perhaps your hotel’s solution) to make your own drinks.


Ask The Front Desk For Comps Or Coupons

Most of the time they will be happy to give you something. They a coupon means you are likely to spend more money with them versus another hotel.

M Life actually has an app where you can play games to earn comps. Make sure you visit their Facebook page to get free tokens.


Now stay tuned to Las Vegas do’s, don’ts and our favorites.

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