Do's and Don'ts of Las Vegas

You can never go wrong with…


Staying at The Golden Nugget – Rush Tower.

The rooms are affordable yet really nice. Walk across to Mermaids and get a full meal for under five dollars. Hit The Top Of Binions Steakhouse for fine dining with a great view. There is live music every night and gambling is much more enjoyable.


Seeing any Cirque Du Soleil show

All equally amazing


A Buffet

Especially when you are with a group. A buffet will not only please everyone’s palette but fill their tummies.



What a lot of people don’t know is the slot machines are programed to take at least fifteen percent of what you put in. The ones in the airport are the worst.

When playing a table like Blackjack the dealers are more than willing to help you learn because they want you to stay. Tip: choose a table with at least a couple people playing. If you choose to bet fifty dollars then only play that fifty dollars. Put all your winnings to the side – don’t play them. Once you’re out, tip the dealer and move on.


Sight Seeing

Each hotel has something different in the form of free entertainment. Taking a drive to the desert or a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon could be awesome for a nature enthusiast. The Mob Museum is the best place to see how Las Vegas came to be what it is today. The Neon Junkyard makes for incredible pictures.




Get Married On A Whim

If getting married wasn’t in the plans before you arrived in Vegas then it shouldn’t be happening. Settle for getting a fake wedding photo. There are a few wedding chapels near Fremont who offer these.


Get Drunk Or Pay A Prostitute

For some odd reason there is a misconception that prostitution and public intoxication is legal when it is not. It might be called “Sin City” be they still have laws that you must abide.


Sit In Your Hotel Room

Nobody ever plans to just stay in their room the entire time but if you over indulge in alcohol, sun or food this just might happen. When you’re on vacation and excitement is in the air it is easy to over do it. Remember to pace yourself.


Finally, here is a list of our personal favorites:

The Sugar Factory

Serendipity 3

Wings at Nathan’s in the Luxor


Cirque Du Soleil

The Mob Museum

Sundance Helicopters

The Peppermill

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