Must Do's and Don'ts For Disney World

Stay on site - I personally recommend the Polynesian Resort. It’s wonderfully themed and beautiful. The pool is amazing. We had a park view room. Every night we enjoyed the fireworks over the castle from our window. Even if you don’t have a park view, you can make your way down to the beach a get a great view there.  Another great incentive was being able to board the monorail strait to the park from our hotel. It saved time and hassle. Because we stayed at a Disney resort, anytime we purchased a souvenir it was sent to our hotel. We were able to enjoy the park and not have to worry about lugging around a bunch of stuff.

Schedule an appointment at the Bibitty Bobbity Boutique  - There isn’t one princess who wouldn’t enjoy this pamper session. Book your session far in advance. These spots, just like any Disney dining, fill fast. Packages start at $60. TIP: Buy dresses and accessories in advance at the Disney store in your home town. They are much cheaper than the ones offered at the park.

Get fast passes/magic bands – These save a lot of time. Make sure you understand how they work before you get to the park. Generally, you can only have one fast pass at a time. A good strategy would be to download the Disney world app on your phone. The app only works while you are in the park but it displays the wait time to every single ride. This way you can plan get a fast pass to the ride with an extensive wait time. A fast pass is like holding your spot in line. You and your family can enjoy other attractions and come back at your designated time. Disney World is a huge park with many people in attendance. If you are not prepared you probably won't see even half of one park.

Get an autograph book- Autograph books are a fun way for kids to check off every charter meeting. They are also a great keepsake. Each character has their own unique signature. They're sure to get a kick out of it.

Buy Pins. Pins are fun collector’s items and souvenirs. The best part is every cast member has a set of pins and is willing to trade with you. Often times, cast members have pins that you won't find in the gift shops. Our girls got lanyards to wear and display their pins.

Take an umbrella stroller. Our youngest got tired of walking. So this was a big help. Plus it was very portable, which made squeezing onto the monorail no problem. Since they are inexpensive, it won’t feel like a burn if you decide to give it away at the end of the trip to avoid airline baggage fees.

Dine at Be Our Guest, Kona Café, and Sci Fi. We dined at many places but these were definitely our favorites. Be Our Guest is a Beauty and the Beast inspired experience with a variety of food choices. It is located at fantasy Land in the Magic Kingdom. Kona Café has awesome breakfast. It is located at the Polynesian Resort. You don’t have to stay there to eat there. Anyone can enjoy the grounds of the resort. Sci Fi is 60s drive in inspired dinner. Very themed and very fun. Again, if it is a seated meal or what they call table service, you'll have to make sure you book these well in advance. There are no walk ins.

Pack for rain - Rain is a very common thing in Florida. So it is very likely that at some point in your trip you will experience the weather. Disney World sells ponchos and umbrellas in their gift shop but like everything else, it's pricy. It's best to buys some cheap ponchos at Walmart before hand. I do realize that ponchos aren't the cutest fashion accessory but I'd rather be among a sea of ponchos then looking like a wet dog. 

Don’t :

Use valet the parking is ridiculously close so it’s just a waste of money.

Use the child care at the Polynesian. It’s $15 an hour per child. I only recommend if your desperate for alone time.

Do the dining plan. We got the plan that included one counter service, one table service and one snack a day. This was way more food than we would normally eat in one day, so most of the food, especially snacks, went uneaten. After adding up all the receipts, I realized I paid almost $100 more for the meal plan than I would have buying the food on my own.  The end result was it was a major waste of money. However, if you do choose to do the meal plans make sure you make reservations well in advance. All table restaurants require a reservation. Simply having the meal plan isn’t enough.