Seven Tips to Build Confidence

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Confidence is self-assurance in qualities and abilities to succeed. Having too much of it can be perceived as arrogance and having too little can prevent opportunities. For these reasons, it is important to find a healthy balance.

There is a correlation between confidence and self-esteem. You cannot have one without the other. Here are a few tips that help build self-esteem and confidence:

  • Be aware of your negativity – when you catch yourself being negative acknowledge it and give yourself the chance to change the response to something positive.
  • Stop judging – we are our worse critics. Others do not judge us as much as we judge ourselves. Chances are you are over-reacting.
  • Take pride in your appearance – It’s a proven fact that when you look good you feel good. Invest in yourself.
  • Do not say yes to everything – Learn to say no to the things that do not make you happy.
  • Know that failure creates success – it’s okay to fear failure but failure can lead you in the right direction.
  • Accept a compliment with a smile – people don’t normally compliment without reason. Chances are you did something good so swallow your pride.
  • Jump in – there are things that make most people nervous like speaking in front of a crowd. In these cases you just have to fake it. After doing it a few times you’ll form a strategy that makes you more comfortable.
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I’m sharing this outfit from Skinnee Girl Couture, which happens to be my good friend’s boutique.

Her boutique is an extension to her fashion blog, Skinnee Girl Confidence. Having been teased for her small frame and her ability to be confident regardless inspired Tameka to the name SGC. What I love most about her boutique is that there are many great pieces that you can wear professionally. It has been a struggle for myself to find cute items that are suitable for work and SGC is a one-stop shop for just that.

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I am wearing the Faux Leather, Lace Sweetheart Top ($47.20) and the Window Pane Style Pencil Skirt ($63) You can find both pieces here.