Burn Brighter


During the day I work for a local newspaper. My boss and I work very closely together. In fact, we share an office, our desks facing one another and we chat about random things all day long. What I love most about Nina is we can have some really insightful and meaningful conversations. Nothing is ever off limits. I'm convinced that if she weren't my boss we would be best friends.


Today she shared something inspired from her father on social media that I can definitely relate to at the moment:

"In the space of healing between breaking and feeling alive, I've realized that the fire inside me must burn brighter than the fires around me. I'm slaying my demons and I'm aware of what feeds them, for only then can I starve them. I show up for joy and I show up for sorrow and I'm learning that I'm capable of holding both. I continue to collect scars as my internal wounds heal and I'm reminded every single day that even a broken heart can persevere." 

I just love that!


I have a long-time obsession with pencil skirts. I think they are a closet staple. I thought it would be fun to pair this navy pencil skirt with a hunter green bodysuit to create a color block effect. 

Bodysuit and skirt were both ordered through Amazon for less than $50. Shoes - DSW $95. Bag - Louis Vuitton - $900.