Sometimes people ask me for love advice. Honestly, I'm not sure I'm the right person to ask but I will gladly share some of my thoughts:

When a man wants to be with you, nothing can stop him. He will show you. He will take every opportunity... When a man doesn't want to be with you there is nothing you can do to convince him... So ladies, recognize the difference. (This also can apply to women)

Do not bash the opposite sex on social media. It’s not classy and it sure as hell doesn’t attract the right person. (This is my biggest pet peeve)


A date doesn't have to cost a thing. The best dates are quality time spent and a little romance. The definition of romance is simply making your significant other feel special, showing your love for them; extra points for creativity. For example: a guy carves a heart into wood at a shooting range and includes both his name and the name of the girl he is dating. He later takes her there on a date and shows her the heart. How romantic is that?! It's the small things. Seriously! 

There are no perfect relationships. In fact, longevity takes hard work by both parties. Continuing to try is what love is. It's growing and progressing together, adapting to change, even long after marriage vows. A stagnant relationship is a dead one, so never get comfortable.

Both parties should have their separate lives. This means having your own interest, friends, and hobbies. It keeps your significant other interested in you. Plus, seclusion creates loneliness and remorse.


Have goals and ambitions. Your partner doesn’t want to feel like they are dragging you through life.

People change over time so marriage is a gamble. It's a lifelong commitment without being sure of the future. However, it's a gamble worth taking with someone who you trust is willing to work at it or at least meet you half way.

Arguments should remain constructive. This can be the biggest challenge especially when communication is poor and emotions are raw. Trying to remain calm and work towards a solution or a compromise shows you’re still in it. Violence is never okay.

A good rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t be happy with your significant other participating in something particular, then you probably shouldn’t do it either. Example: You don’t like your guy flirting with other women. Don’t flirt with other men.

Being honest can hurt but the disrespect from a lie is more painful. A lie can leave a lasting scar because trust diminishes. The same can be said about secrets.

I am an open book so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask. I enjoy a good conversation if you have a comment.. If you find yourself is an abusive relationship contact me. I will help.


This outfit is something I’d typically wear to work. I am a size six and approximately 5’5”. The top and skirt are both a size small.

Top: Old Navy $28, Skirt: Express $20, Shoes: DSW $90.