Everyone comes into your life for a reason. Each person is meant to teach you a lesson. Sometimes the lesson hurts. It can be difficult to understand and move past. Give it time and chose to forgive.

Forgiveness is a step in a positive direction. Start by forgiving yourself. Self-forgiveness is just as important than forgiving others. We are often our worst critics. Self-forgiveness is acknowledging your missteps and deciding not to feel guilty about it. Write it down, pray about it. Do what you must to let it be a lesson.


Now acknowledge that the person who did you wrong may never feel sorry for their actions. It is possible that the culture they were raised doesn’t view things the same way you do. So they might not understand that it was wrong. Also realize that everyone makes mistakes and bad judgments. It’s human. 

Whether they have remorse or not is irrelevant because forgiveness is about self-growth. Forgiving isn’t about letting the offender free or the offense reoccur. Nor does it mean reconciliation. It is an emotional decision for the wellbeing of your mental health. It’s a process that must be repeated until the pain is gone. 

Do not deny that you have been hurt. Allow yourself a day or two to absorb the pain before making the decision to forgive. Never seek revenge. Commit to letting go. Think of it as putting it in a box and casting the box into the ocean. Letting the person know you forgive them is important for minor conflicts, especially when you plan to continue the relationship. Expressing your forgiveness is best hand written or in person.


If the person were to pass away today you would have to accept how things were left. If you are having trouble with your decision talk it over with supportive friends. Give yourself time to find your inner peace. 

felt hat


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