Three Positive Changes I've Made This Year


At the beginning of the year I took a class where we examined five types of wellness: Physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational and financial. Of the five, I have utilized three. These three alone have impacted my life positively. 

1.      Physical Wellness

In the past couple of years my priorities have shifted forcing my physical well-being to be placed near the end of the list. Exercise has declined and I have found myself eating out more often. 

This year I have scheduled an hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to engage in some sort of physical activity. I’ve also done my best to eliminate sugar from my diet while increasing water and fiber intake.

2.      Emotional Wellness

I've learned that I am extremely loyal, more than I should be. So this year I’ve started saying no to things that don’t make me happy.

I have a hard time saying no, which often leaves me in a situation I regret. This year I’ve realized that saying no doesn’t make you a bad person. In fact, people tend to show a little more respect.

3.      Financial Wellness

I’ve consciously cut back this year on all the little things. I stopped using ATM to avoid the fees, started brewing my own coffee versus buying Starbucks and started utilizing coupons when I shop. I have also reevaluated my bills, cutting all the unnecessary. These might be small changes but they all add up to some serious cash.



Style: This skirt was one of those things that you start to pass by in the store and immediately backtrack to get. I absolutely love lace so I had to have it. I think it will be something I wear around the holidays.

Skirt: Target $25, Bodysuit: H&M $12, Heels: Amazon Fashion $25