Met Gala Recap

Another Met Gala has come and gone but 2015 sure left it’s mark. There were many amazing dresses as anticipated but there were also some flops. This year’s theme was Chinese. Another theme that may not have been planned was skin. There was really no in between; it was either very revealing or all covered up.


Let’s start with my picks for best dressed. First would be Kim Kardashian in Roberto Cavalli. It was one of the more revealing gowns but also so classic. In fact, Kim posted a photo on Instagram of Cher at the first Met Gala in a very similar dress. She stated that she was the inspiration behind the dress.


My second choice would be Beyonce in Givenchy. No doubt this was a huge risk for her but it was just breathtaking. I couldn’t help but swoon. I think we can all understand why she needed her own grand entrance.


Jennifer Lopez also wore a revealing number by Versace that stayed true to the Chinese theme with it’s red dragon design. However, I was not impressive. She has done much better in the past. Beyonce and Kim clearly outshined JLo.


So, who is our number one pick for best dressed?! Why, Zendaya of course! It was cute, themed, stylish, and age appropriate. Her Sun-Motif Fausto Puglisi dress was simply amazing.  LOVE it.


Now onto the worst dressed list…


I was so disappointed in Kerry Washington. She is the one I always look for because she is a true fashionista. She is always among the best-dressed list. This day was not one of those days. Kerry looks as if she is drowning in her Prada dress. It’s just too overwhelming…Sad day Kerry.


Second on the worst dressed list is Rihanna in Guo Pei. Again, another fashionista flop. Yellow is my favorite color so you would think that I’d be crazy about this look. Unfortunately, I feel like it was a major waste of fabric. Disgusting.

The absolute worst dressed woman at the Met Gala was Georgia May Jagger in Gucci. There is a fine line between using a theme to create a piece of fashionable art and simply looking like you are ready for Halloween. Well, trick-or-treat! Someone also mentioned that a kimono is actually Japanese, not Chinese. So not only is this dress hideous, it’s disrespectful. I just feel bad for her because someone should have told her.

The Met Gala is by far my favorite event to watch because the amount of unique creations never disappoint. This year was definitely a good one, which make waiting till next year very hard.