Closet Essentials

This look was inspired by my realtor friend who once told me that she has a uniform. Her so called uniform helps her get ready in the morning. She simply has a couple variations of few key pieces that she consistantly alternates. Although I don't feel like I necessarily need a uniform, I do feel like we all need a few key pieces in our closets that we can uses many times. These items are also great when time is short. 

First of all, you need a fitted blazer. Black or tan, it doesn't matter. If you can't decide just grab both like my realtor friend. Blazers are classic and perfect giving your image a business approach. 

I wore a white tee with this look to prove that a blazer can add a great impact. You could really wear any tee underneath. It just depends on your preference. I personally recommend something with a V neck.

With a blazer you could wear a beautiful statement necklace but I wore a long pendant to accentuate the length of the jacket. 

When wearing a blazer a cute pair of heels or pumps is a must. I chose a nude pump with snake skin design just to keep the simple essential look. If you were going to take any risks with an outfit like this I would suggest you do it with the shoes and handbag.

Lastly, every girl needs a good pair of jeans. Pick a style that you feel comfortable in. In the nineties low rise, boot leg jeans were all the rage. Then came the skinny jeans. Now torn up boyfriend jeans are what is in style. No matter what you choose jeans are classic and every cut always comes back in style. 

So, these are all essentials: a blazer, heels, tee, and jeans. If you don't have any of these then you need to get to the store immediately. They don't have to be the same as what I put together but that is also the beauty of these items. No matter what variation you chose its going to look amazing.