Make A Style Statement With These Clutches

What is the easiest way to make a statement? Add accessories, of course! But don't just make a statement, put a little punch into it. Whether it's a little whimsy fun or tongue-in-cheek, these bags are conversation starters. 


Lulu Guiness Neon Lips clutch at Asos for $315.

It's this just amazing? It reminds me of the cute phone I so wanted as a tween.

candy dots

Milly Color Digital Leather clutch - $140 

Remember the candy dots as a kid? I love this inspired bag by Milly.

First Aid Storage Box - $17 Forever 21

Caution when caring this lovely clutch. People just might think that you have medical supplies in tow.

Charlotte Olympia Take Me Away Box Clutch - $776 at Bergdorfgoodman.

I saved the best for last. If you can get away from the price, this is the most awesome class I've ever seen. How cute are the bugs.