Breaking Out The Boots

It might be Fiesta in San Antonio but cowboy boots are always in fashion here. I’m not a big country fan at all but I love wearing boots. Putting this outfit together was effortless. It’s something that I would wear often because it is comfortable and yet not sloppy looking.


I’m wearing a plain old white tank top and blue jean shorts both of which are from Old Navy. I feel like Old Navy is one of the best places to buy essentials. Over the top I am wearing the Adore-A-Ball cardigan and Allison pendant necklace from Seasons With Allie. When wearing essentials like a tank and shorts you need to have something that pops. The cardigan does just that. The necklace draws the eye downward to create a sliming effect and complements the shape of the cardigan. This is a great outfit for most body types.

I was not compensated in anyway for this post.