Meet Meek

On today’s blog I’d like to feature a woman that I have been inspired by since the day I met her. I met Meek at a fashion event Saks Fifth Avenue hosted for the San Antonio Fashion Society. I was first drawn to her energy, which was filled with passion and excitement. We strolled around the store and she encouraged me to try things on and take photos. If you know anything about me you know that I mostly admire from a far. I really enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone that day.


Since then I have gotten to know Meek and have grown even more intrigued. She’s confident and honest but never invasive. This means she gives the best advice. She’s also the sweetest and most supportive person. As if all of that isn’t enough, she has impeccable fashion sense. Her personal blog displays much of her style, which she uses as a platform to help other women discover their style. Meek has strong aspirations to become a successful personal stylist. With all her attributes it shouldn’t take long.


I asked Meek to do an interview. Here is what transpired:


-Tell me a little about yourself and your style.


My name is Tameka Monroe; however, I like to go by Meek Monroe.  My style is simply mine.  I am not much of a trend follower.  I choose to stay away from the obvious because I like to look different.  Since I have long legs, I already get tons of stares so I like to choose a fashion trend for me, which keeps the stares coming.  Everything about my personality is unique so I portray that same sense of uniqueness in my style.  I wear what I what, how I want, and when I want.  Most people claim to set trends, yet their look is very similar to everyone around them.  I am not that girl. 


-Describe your blog and why you started it.


My blog began as somewhere to go and write my thoughts to get others listening.  Now that I have time to focus on it, I am able to share my love and passion for fashion, family, and fun all in one place, while motivating other mothers/wives to regain that beauty factor back into their daily lives. The blog gives me popularity in my own fashion world...and I really like that.  I chose Skinnee Girl Confidence because it represents who I have always been.  Although I was always skinny growing up, I did not have confidence in myself because I was always being teased.  I noticed that people believe that being skinny is a guaranteed factor to happiness in life, I realized that they were wrong...skinny people have a negative complex about themselves also and we should not get teased because others are unhappy with who they are.  The name shares my feelings on who I am in this skinny body, which is not that skinny anymore, and how I love me for who I am.


-What’s your favorite "go to" piece in your closet?


I would have to say skinny jeans and a white tank.  I love that look because it is just so easy and I can accessorize it up or down.  You can never loose.  I am hoping to find more ripped skinny legs or boyfriend jeans to fit my long legs.  I have not been successful just yet.


-What motivates your style?


My attitude each morning when I step into my closet.  When I am out shopping, I buy based on how I can recreate a number of looks with that one piece.  The goal is to always give greatness in all that I wear.


-Who is your favorite designer?


I have totally fallen in love with Gucci clothing.  The clothes are very well made, fit me so nicely (even the pants are long enough) and are true to size.  That makes me smile when I can get pants in a store with no hassle.  They are not always the cheapest, but I do wait for great sales before I restock.


-Your favorite place to shop?


I love to shop at Banana Republic and Gap.  I have to stick to stores who offer jeans in my length.  Both stores are great at hosting long that fits me very well.


-What is your favorite 2015 fashion trends?


I am really going to dabble with the neon green and hot pink this spring.  I think the trend is sort of dead a bit, so I will pick it up and figure out how to recreate a fashionable look.  Hopefully, I can get a pair of the neon Christian Louboutin pumps to jazz up a white getup.


-What makes you a fashionista?


My ability to recreate a style with what I have; the attitude that I carry; and my love for fashion while all remaining true to self.  I never overdo my makeup; hair; or look, just to try and create a trend.  I just let me creative juices flow.


You can keep up with Meek through her blog: SkinneeGirlConfidence.

If you’d like to have her help create a perfect style, contact her at skinneegirlconfidence (at) gmail (dot) com.

Instragram: @skinneegirlconfidence @meekmonroee