Kitchen Remodel

We moved into our new home last summer. Our first home was built exactly how I wanted it so there weren’t any major renovations done. This time around we went with a previously owned home. There were no repairs that need to be made at the time of closing. I bought the house feeling like I could live in it exactly the way it was for many years. However, I also felt the need to put my own touch on it.

 My first focus was to redo the kitchen. Again, the kitchen functioned just fine the way it was but it felt lifeless. Within the first couple of days the shallow sink began to irritate me. I had been spoiled with a large, deep sink that the small sink seem difficult to get the dishes done. So I began planning the remodel. I had always wanted beautiful granite countertops and figured this was the time to finally get them. While researching the various types I learned that because it is a natural stone, the patterns may vary. In other words, what you see in the store might not be what you get. Also, there were special care instructions like never put vinegar on its surface. I found quartz to be comparable. Since it is man-made, what you see is what you get. The patterns are more consistent throughout and there were no special instructions. Because I purchased the countertops at Lowes I got a very large stainless steel sink for free.

I picked out an industrial looking, stainless steel faucet and new stainless steel appliances. I chose the quietest dishwasher on the market and it was such a good decision. The kitchen opens up to the dining and living room. The previous dishwasher was so loud that hearing the television was impossible.

The cabinets were in great shape but I preferred them to be white so I painted them with the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Resurfacing Kit in Linen. This process took a good three days to complete. Once they were done I installed rubbed bronze cabinet handles and pulls. I originally planned to hire someone to install the backsplash. The labor for the installation would have cost me a little over a thousand dollars. Many people reassured me that I could do it myself. I did the research and decided to do just that. When I first started the backsplash I wondered what I got myself into but as I went on it got easier. 

Last, I had the sliding glass door replaced with a French door. My renovation still isn’t complete. Soon I’d like to replace the flooring with dark faux wood tile. I’d also like to take out the fluorescent lighting and replace it with recessed lighting.

If you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask. Let me know what you think below.