Project Runway

I attended the opening night of Fashion Week South’s kick off party at Eilan Hotel Resort and Spa. “Eye Candy” was the appropriate name of the theme, which showcased a collection by Michael Kors. Among the collection was a series of cobalt blue and bright orange fabrics. I’ve never been a fan of Michael Kors but I was pretty impressed with several items that were shown.


Also in attendance were some of the Project Runway stars: Samantha Plasencia, Joshua Christiansen, Michael Drummond, and Michelle Lesniak. After the show my friend Meek, who writes at Skinnee Girl Confidence, and I went over to say hi. We snapped some photos and talked a little about her trip to San Antonio. An interview just wasn’t going to happen at this moment because Michelle began getting request for photos. Michelle did however invite us to Anthony Ryan’s shop the Anthill the following day to get exclusive interviews.


We then joined our group of women for dinner in the restaurant Sustenio. I just had the pimento cheese and crackers.


After dinner most everyone left. Pam, Meek and I decided to go outside to grab a few pictures of each other and the beautiful scenery before we said goodbye. Then all four stars from Project Runway came walking up. We immediately started talking about their experiences and the show. I mostly talked with Michelle, season eleven winner. She said that San Antonio was treating her very well and everyone here is so friendly, which isn’t the case in every town. She also said that she and the other Project Runway alums have become family because only they know what it’s like to not only a designer and a businessperson but also in the public eye. She talked about being a self-proclaimed ‘hustler’ because the fashion industry can be tough at times. However, she has had more opportunities outside of project runway that she is grateful for.


They were all gracious enough to not only talk to us for ten minutes but take photos with us as well. I was very impressed with them all and I’ll be shopping their lines very soon.


Meek and I did follow up with Michelle the next day at Anthony Ryan’s store The Anthill. See her interview with Michelle here and my interview with Anthony here.