Open Pop Up

I was invited to a sip and shop event at Open Pop-up put together by the city of San Antonio. The city put together this pop up event to draw more people downtown because many locals don’t visit the area often.  I would be one of them and it was obvious to those around as I stuck some change into a parking meter that Sunday morning only to be told by a passer by that parking is free on Sunday.

As I strolled down commerce street I noticed there were several cute shops but I was immediately drawn to Bonjour Biqui and Eye Candy Boutique. Bonjour Biqui is a beautiful line by local designer Blanquita Sullivan. The line is full of classic looks for the modern woman. The styles remind me of the 60’s glamour but the cut and prints are in line with today. I will say that I was in complete awe when I saw the designs in person. You see, my mother use to sew. Every Halloween costume I ever had was handmade. If my mother didn’t make my clothes she took me to a lady name Lupe to cut costs. My aunt still sews and owns some pretty fancy machines but I have never seen anything with such quality as Blanquita’s designs. They were all amazing. I especially loved the tops that were reversible. These designs are closet essentials that will get years of wear. Not only that but you could probably get away with wearing the same top twice in one week without anyone knowing just by flipping it over.

I regret not taking my oldest daughter to checkout her shop. JD really enjoys sewing. Although she has never expressed a desire for fashion, I think she would have died.

I also checked out Eye Candy Boutique whom has a beautiful selection of plus size women’s clothing. Some of the main items were boho inspired pieces and cute graphic tees. I was extremely impressed with this boutique because not only is the owner, Elsa, the sweetest but they really rock the plus size world. In general, the plus size vendors are limited and most don’t produce the cutest items. Eye Candy on the other hand has really mastered creating a store that offers awesome picks. She expressed to me that she was brand new to business but I wouldn’t have known otherwise. She is very knowledgeable and knows what her customers want. I have faith that Eye Candy will be the place to go for plus size fashion.

I also got to chat with Elsa about her next event, which will be Current Couture at Brick at Blue Star on June 13th. She was very excited about it. You can find more information about the event on her Facebook page.