Roshnic Fashion Show

I'll admit that I didn't know what to expect when I went to this event because all I read was fashion show. I was glad to find out that this was benefit fashion show for breast cancer awareness. I have been an advocate for breast cancer awareness for sometime. I have been the captain of Team Pink Hope, which participates in the Susan G. Komen's Race For The Cure. I have been so passionate in raising money for this cause because my paternal grandmother died of breast cancer when I was five years old. Also, my maternal grandmother has battled breast cancer within the past few years. Through out the event we listened to several speakers. One an oncologist talk about getting checked out and the importance of conducting self breast exams. We were reminded that one in every eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer every year. We listened as a young woman confessed that she was diagnosed at age twenty-eight. Her voice cracked as she said all she could think about was her child. She started to cry and then excused herself from the stage. We all applauded her as to show support. Really, it was beautiful to see so many women care. As if my eyes weren't already watery another women approached the stage and began her story. She explained that she found a bump and went to get it checked. She was told it wasn't anything. She was a nursing student and part time waiter, uninsured, so going back after the mass grew was even harder but she did. She explained that they did a sonogram even though a mammogram was ordered because she wasn't showing any typical signs. With the help of Susan G. Komen, she got a second opinion. That doctor made sure she was the first patient that morning. They performed a sonogram and immediately said they were going to also do a mammogram. She had stage three breast cancer. She had several surgeries and chemo. She proudly announced that she was now a survivor. It made me very emotional but I really enjoyed this part of the show. 


The first segment was called Rainbow in the Sky. It featured an array of bright colors in eastern influence. I found them all beautiful.


The second segment was titled Modern Woman. They made up of mostly tunics and leggings but each was unique. They all had bright colors and bold prints. I definitely had a few favorites. I could see myself wearing a few of these pieces. They were modern yet still had some eastern influence. Just beautiful. 


Segment three was Abstract Hand Paint. Each garment had a hand painted design across it. I had never seen anything like it. It was amazing. All I could think about was how much time must have been put into making them all. I'd also wear a few of these.


The last segment was called Night and Day. The models were paired with male models. Each had a elegant look, very detail oriented and breathtaking. 


Overall, I had a wonderful time. I was not paid to attend this event. In fact, I paid a $20 entrance fee so you can rest assure that all opinions expressed are mine.