Open Pop Up

I was invited to a sip and shop event at Open Pop-up put together by the city of San Antonio. The city put together this pop up event to draw more people downtown because many locals don’t visit the area often.  I would be one of them and it was obvious to those around as I stuck some change into a parking meter that Sunday morning only to be told by a passer by that parking is free on Sunday.

My Busiest Week of Fashion Yet

This past week was full of events. A couple of them left an impression. The first was the Fashion Group International mixer. I had joined the group a few months ago because my friend Elsie Jaime spoke so highly of it.

Flawless Fashionista

I attended the Flawless Fashionista Fashion Show as a VIP guest blogger to support my fellow boutique owners here in San Antonio. In my opinion, San Antonio in general is not a fashionable city. It’s only been a couple of years that San Antonio hosted major fashion events such as San Antonio Fashion Week. With that said, owning a boutique is hard, even more so in San Antonio. So I am willing to support anyone in the fashion industry – just email me.