An Open Letter To My Daughters

JD, Joc and Allie,

            Everyday I look at the news and I worry about how you will handle this crazy world.  I worry if you will make the right choices. JD and Joc, you are especially at a point in your life where this topic is important to be discussed. You are about to start making decisions that affect they way your journey will unfold.


People seem to pass judgment so easily. What they don’t realize is what their actions say about them. Don’t stoop to that level. Mean judgments come from a place of jealously and hate. Just know that you are all beautiful, smart, and kind. Truth is, what they say doesn’t matter. Most often, it isn’t even true. The only judgment you should consider are from those who have proven that they only want to best for you and surround you with positivity. Don’t let nay-sayers get you down.


With that said, I want you to try everything. People might say, “That isn’t for you”, “You’ll never be good at it.” If you try it and put all your effort into it you just might prove them wrong. Sometimes things aren’t interesting until you try them. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best. What matters is that you are your personal best. However, when it no longer makes you happy or benefits you, don’t be afraid to give it up. They say you only regret the things you didn’t do.


I realize that you might not fully understand what these things right away. However, I hope you keep them in the back of your mind when the situation arises.


Surround yourself with only the people who will encourage you and want you to do well.


Love you always,


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