A Promise To My Viewers

I’ve given this subject much thought. So much so that I feel that I needed to make a decision…

Someone recently mentioned The Blonde Salad. If you are not familiar, The Blonde Salad is the most successful fashion blog in the world. So successful that Harvard conducted a case study on Chiarar Ferragni and her team. Chiarar has claimed that her success what brought by turning paid offers down from the very beginning and paying her way into events she really wanted to attend. Some have assumed that this means she paid her way to the top but that isn’t the case at all. Instead she limited her business relationships to those her viewers were most interested in. This meant she was giving her viewers quality content 100% of the time and staying true to her brand. She never sold her soul for a quick buck. She knew that only focusing on relevant content would help her build strong relationships with her viewers and be beneficial in the long run. This also doesn’t mean that she didn’t get paid, she did but much less than she could have at the time.

Although I may never make millions like Chiarar and her team, I do value my viewers. So I have made the decision to limit my work to what is relevant. When it comes down to it, it’s all about business. I’ll never make up random excuses not to attend. I’ll be nothing but honest and decline due to content control. As a boutique owner, I’d respect that others do the same. There is nothing worse than paying someone to blog about your brand and not getting any response.

As a professional photographer, I began getting many party invites because people thought I’d photograph their event for free for the sake that it’s what I love to do. What they don’t realize is the hours it takes to edit them all and the time it takes away from paid work. It seems as though the same thing is happening in the blog world. In fact, I was invited to a fashion event hosted by a boutique who’s target market is fifty year olds and older. I took photos and contemplated writing a blog about mother’s day shopping but no matter how I spun it the story was not relevant. So I would have spent two - three hours writing a blog that no body would read. That’s three plus hours away from my family.

I vow to only release topics that pertain to my demographic and that my viewers are genuinely interested in. So again, it is not personal. I’m sure your product or event is amazing. It’s just might not be the right one for my brand. If I know someone who might fit I’ll be sure to let you know.

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