5 Reasons To Update Your Headshots

captivated photography

First impression – What do you think your current headshot says about you? Does it convey an appropriate statement about you? It definitely should. Ask an honest coworker what they think about your headshot.


Update your image – Have you changed any since your last headshot? Maybe you have a new hair color or your style screams early 90’s. Having your image current will help future clients identify you immediately when the two of you meet.


Social Media – Google your name or business and you are likely to see several photos of yourself from various social media accounts. Facebook, LinkedIn and even dating sites are great places to put a fresh headshot. If you think potential employers or clients are not looking you up on the web you are very wrong.


Build a brand – People do business with people. In order to build a strong relationship you must build trust. A reliable brand is one that customers trust and you are often the frontline. Your headshot should speak to your business. If you are a photographer, perhaps your headshot should include your camera.


Gauge your demographic – What type of people are you trying to reach? If you are in the fashion industry your headshots should look like you have a sense of fashion in the age group you are targeting. 


Headshots shown were taken by the talented Captivated Photography & Design

Hair and Makeup by Lissette Vilano