I’ve never seen anyone work as hard or be as committed as Natalie Saldana. On many occasions I’ve witnessed her go above and beyond. She has even shown her support at events that she wasn’t expected to show. She gives the best advice and she possesses many rare qualities that every business owner is looking for.


Natalie is the public relations professional behind Seasons With Allie. She has also had a huge part in Fashion Week San Antonio. Born and raised in San Antonio, her love for this city is unending. She is a graduate of Texas State University where she majored in Public Relations and minored in retail merchandising. Her dad is an entrepreneur, so she feels she got a lot of her entrepreneurial passion and mindset from him.


Natalie is the perfect example of what a successful entrepreneur is. She is someone I admire and would most definitely suggest you hire for your small business.


A: Why did you choose PR?

N: I chose PR because 1. I'm a huge people person and building relationships comes natural to me. 2. I love connecting people with others that can help them move forward, whether it's personally or professionally. 3. I want to make a difference. With PR and focusing on the smaller, local businesses that I work with, I'm able to do that.


A: What are some of the services you offer?

N: I offer local, regional and national media relations, event planning that provides a newsworthy angle - i.e. grand openings, product launches, anniversary events, etc., garnering strategic partnerships, social media strategy and consultant work.


A: What is it that you feel most businesses could use help with?

N: This is two-fold for me. 1. The false sense that "if you build, they'll come". No, no "they" won't. You have to let people know about your business. Educate them on why they should choose you over the other guy. You could be the best thing since sliced bread but if nobody knows about it, it doesn't matter. 2. Customer service! Customer service! Customer service! I am a HUGE customer service person. I think it's so easy to gain or lose a customer based on their experience. For a lot of businesses, they don't put enough emphasis on this and rest on their laurels. When your customers happy, they'll be your biggest advocate. When they're upset, they'll be your worst enemy. Don't let that happen!


A: Why is having an online presence important?

N: These days people are sharing ALL THE TIME on social media. Customers aren't just looking at your website anymore, they're looking at your Google and Yelp reviews, seeing what people have said when they check-in at your establishment and asking their friends about you. Social media provides the opportunity to be a part of that conversation and build a rapport with your customer, before they even walk through your door.


A: Give one piece of advice for women trying to reach their personal or professional goals.

N:"The most effective way to do it, is to do it." - Amelia Earhart - As women, we over-analyze everything. You can spend forever finding the "perfect way" and tweak this and that, but all of that effort is trivial because, as we all know, nothing ever goes as planned. From my experience, when you dive in and just do it, you learn more than you could have ever planned for.

You can find Natalie on Facebook and on Instagram.

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