Best Apps For Business

It’s impossible to run a business without a smartphone these days. The apps make workflow extremely easy but picking which ones to use can be overwhelming. I’ve complied a list of apps that I use quite frequently. Each one has decreased work time significantly.


Every business should have a blog to increase traffic and customer loyalty. A successful blog will network with other like blogs. Bloglovin is a great app to keep up with every blog you follow in one spot. It’s also a great way to find inspiration for your own future blog posts.


Managing all your social media accounts can get pretty intense. Hootsuite allows you to manage them all and even schedule future posts, which frees up so much time.


Consumers are visual people. Produce great quality photos and you will get an amazing response. I totally recommend hiring a professional photographer for your entire photo needs BUT if you want to post a “behind the scenes” photo or a photo you need posted right away I suggest you use this app to edit. It’s probably the closest thing to Photoshop but in an app.


This is a great app for employees and events. It’s basically a walkie-talkie but you can play back everything, which cuts out a lot of noise.


Perfect for when a customer speaks a foreign language.


Accounting can be costly and time consuming. This eliminates both burdens.


If you do any marketing at all it should be email marketing. Social media (i.e: Facbook) will continue to change their rules. The only subscription list you own is your email subscribers. Offer coupon codes, updates and rewards with MailChimp.


Share photos and documents within seconds. It’s a great tool when collaborating with photographers and bloggers.


Sometimes words in an email can be misconceived. Skype allows you to talk face to face with someone in a different location. This is great to consultations and interviews.


Keep notes and stay organized with checklists. This app is the one to get for workflow.


Accept credit card transactions, create invoices and keep track of inventory.


Because business is always evolving and therefore we can never stop learning. Audible allows you to listen to books while you handle other tasks.

I hope that this list of apps really helps you to take your small business to the next level. If you find an app you think I should checkout please leave it in the comments below.

Till next time,