If you are just tuning in, I’ve started a business series on my blog called “Women of Distinction” where I feature women whom I have found inspiring in the business world. I first featured Carmen, a realtor. You can see her feature here.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Diana. I’ve had great admiration for her for many years. Not only is Diana a public servant who lives each day to serve her community, an inspiring mom who has raised two awesome kids, but she is also a successful business woman.

I was a couple years ago that I learned Diana had the gift of making beautiful and tasty cakes. I couldn’t believe she didn’t share her gift sooner. I was even more surprised to learn that her daughter, Darian, is a big part of the process. In fact, they are a team. Darian preps and bakes while Diana decorates.

The name of their bakery is Justin Taylor’s Creations. Diana picked this name to honor her two children. JTC is busy every weekend. So busy that I once waited till the last moment to order a cake and they were completely booked. I kicked myself because I couldn’t find anything comparable.  

When I asked Diana to do this Q & A she kindly agreed and submitted her answers promptly.


A: What made you get into the cake business?

D: I started when Justin was 5 (he is now 18) and he wanted a hot wheels cake with flames...there was only one bakery in town that was willing to make flames and was going to charge me $75 dollars to make one that feeds 10, of course I swore I could make it and make it cheaper....I quickly realized why they charge $75! I left the restaurant with 3 orders from total strangers and it just stared from that.


A: What is your favorite cake flavor/frosting?

D: My favorite is the white vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream frosting


A: What is the most popular flavor/frosting?

D: Most popular is white with jelly filling.


A: What is the current trend?

D: Current trend seems to be anything fondant…a lot of people like the look of fondant and all of the various ways that it can be used. 


A: Any advise on ordering, things to consider when ordering?

D: Have an idea of what you want it to look like, pictures always help...give the cake artist a little freedom with design.


A: Give one piece of advice for women trying to reach their personal or professional goals.

D: If you love what you do and will never feel like work...only you can make that goal happen because only you know where you've been and where you don't want to be, never give up on your happiness.

Hope you enjoyed this interview. If you'd like to get a hold of JTC, you can do so here