Auburn Sugar

I started the Women of Distinction series to highlight some amazing and inspiring women. I picked them because I felt that they should be recognized. (Being awesome is hard work) Today, I want to share three YOUNG women: JD (13), Joc (11), and Allie (6). Although different from the norm, they certainly rise to the occasion.

The girls have developed a passion for creating quality content on YouTube under the name Auburn Sugar. While their peers are continuously submerged in watching TV, the girls are creating and marketing it. Gaining brand deals with 6000+ video views,  Auburn Sugar is proof that their kid’s variety show is indeed entertaining. 

I recently sat down with the young entrepreneurs for an interview:

Why do you like YouTube?

Joc: Cause you can learn new things

Allie: Cause it’s fun

JD: Cause you can share stuff you normally wouldn’t in person.

What do you feel you bring to the community?

Joc: Fun and laughter

Allie: My silliness

JD: Crochet and other activities

What do you hope to achieve?

Joc: One million subscribers

Allie: have as much subscribers as Tiana Hearts

JD: Meet some icons and inspire others.

What are your favorite topics?

Joc: Baking, crafts, and being silly.

Allie: Play doh and Shopkins


Who have you collaborated with?

Allie: Tiana Hearts and The Greer Girls

Who do you hope to collaborate with?

Joc: The Shaytards

Allie: Disney Cars Toy Club

JD: Eh Bee Family and Bratayley

Checkout Auburn Sugar’s channel below.