Tria Beauty Laser Review

When I first came across the Tria Smooth Beauty Laser I thought that it had to be a gimmick. My concern was that it is expensive for an “at home” product. Also, I wondered how effective it was being that anyone can purchase it. After some serious thought I purchase the deluxe kit.

HISTORY WITH MY SKIN: I have spent many years struggling with acne. I saw a couple dermatologist who prescribed creams and antibiotic, which helped but didn’t quite do the trick. After my youngest was born my acne flared up to be the worst I’d ever experienced.  I took a recommendation from a friend to see a new dermatologist. This dermatologist recommended Accutane right away. (That is a totally different story but I am mentioning it to express the severity) After my acne was gone there were many scars and severe sun damage that I wasn’t aware I had. The dermatologist suggested that I eventually get laser treatments to help with both issues but also warned that the treatments were costly.  I never followed up and it’s been a few years.

It is important to consider that I am currently in between the second and third month of treatment. Tria suggests that you use the laser every night before bed for five nights a week. Treatments should not exceed twelve weeks. In other words, I am two-thirds of the way done.

MY EXPIRENCE: In a review on the Tria site, I read a woman compare the snapping of a rubber band to describe how the laser felt against her skin. I would have to agree that her description is pretty similar. I was hesitant the first couple times I used the device. I can reassure you that after a few uses the feeling became acquired and it is no longer a worry. I began seeing a slight difference after the first week of treatment. I noticed that the sun damage had begun to fade. After the first month my skin definitely looked more radiant. The sun damage was hardly noticeable and the texture was smoother. After the second month, my pores have reduced drastically in size, sun damage is pretty much gone and acne scars have greatly improved. My skin is in the best shape it has ever been. I am excited to see what the last month of treatment will result in but if I had to stop treatment now I would be satisfied.

Since I purchased the deluxe kit I received the priming wash, finishing serum and brightening overnight facial mask. I used these products religiously with the laser. The finishing serum contains retinol, which help the skin to exfoliate and stimulate cell growth. The overnight mask contains vitamin C, which helps repair and fades sun damage. I have used retinol products in the past and I am a firm believer of them. However, it is hard to say that my results so far have been better because of them.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with aging skin, acne scars or sun damage. It may just be personal preference but I would recommend purchasing the kit. If you are still on the fence because of the price consider this: the price of this device is comparable to one in office treatment.