How To Get Voluminous Eyelashes

I have received a few questions lately about the same thing... my lashes.

"What mascara do you use?"

"How do you make them grow?"

"Do you take vitamins?"


Truth is I have a few secrets up my sleeve... Your eyelash health does have a little to do with achieving a thick, long look. So you never want to rub your eyes as it can pull at your lashes and damage them. Also, try not to aggressively curl your lashes. Treat them with care.

I take vitamins specifically for hair, skin and nails. I believe that they contribute to the integrity of my eyelashes but I've been on them for many years to really know for sure. Every few nights I like to coat my lashes with an equal mixture of vitamin E and castor oil. These two ingredients are beneficial as they provide antioxidant protection. 


I will layer two different mascaras over the top of each other. My favorite two are Tarte's Tartiest and Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I start with Tarte because it helps separate and lengthen the lashes. I wait about 10 seconds before applying a coat of Too Faced. The Too Faced mascara builds a thick wispy lash. I sometimes add a second coat of the Too Faced depending what look I'm going for. I'm not a fan of clumpy or tarantula looking lashes so it's important that I not apply more than three coats and give a little time between each coat.

better than sex.jpg

I've also have had eyelash extensions. I got them out of curiosity. The first couple of times I wasn't thrilled because the style looked fake. I then tried a different stylist at Amazing Lash Studio and began to really like them. I started out with "Natural" but the ends would fall out first and my lashes would kind of tangle easily so I switched to "cute" style. 

I still apply a coat or two water based mascara while wearing eyelash extensions. They really don't need any mascara but I feel it adds a little drama. The pro to having eyelash extensions is that it cuts down the time. The con is that they are a bit pricey, especially since they have to be done every three weeks.