Split End Trimmer Review

split end.jpg

I bought this product simply because I thought it would save me money in the long run. I try to get my hair trimmed regularly to keep it looking healthy, which can add up to a few hundred dollars annually. Being able to skip a few hair appointments would be great financially. This tool retails for approximately eighty dollars, equal to an appointment and a half.

The concept of the tool is that split ends tend to stick outward versus healthy hair that lays flat. When the tool is run downward over the hair, the split ends will be exposed and trimmed, ultimately leaving you with healthy hair.


The packaging states that the tool should be used on clean, dry hair. It also implies that the tool should not be used on unhealthy hair (ie: over processed hair). I would imagine the reason for this being that you might lose more hair than you would like.

Afraid to lose chunks of hair, I followed the directions religiously. I felt like my split ends were moderate before I began. I had a small collecting of clippings in the reservoir when I was done. I did not feel like it took care of the majority of split ends but there was a significant difference. It was enough for me to be willing to recommend. I would suggest when operating this tool is to only focus on the ends of your hair. I would also suggest pairing this tool with my favorite hair mask, It’s a 10.

You can purchase your own Split End Trimmer here and It’s a 10 hair mask here.

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